Heads in the Cloud: how digital self-publishing is dimming literature’s sun

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1 Response to Heads in the Cloud: how digital self-publishing is dimming literature’s sun

  1. Seems to me that the Digital publishers are doing to the big publishing houses what the big publishing houses previously did to the smaller ones, just as they are doing to Waterstones what Waterstones did to the independent bookshops. Interestingly, I have heard that Amazon is planning to set up a “nomal, paper” publishing arm itself.

    Have heard plenty of examples of extreme cynical and populist behaviour from what now pass for “traditional” publishing houses, such as a couple of excellent books being passed up because the author did not look right for the publicity material. In that context, a technology that enabled more experimental stuff to be published looks good, even if it feeds Molochs in the process.

    The big problem seems to be the lack of a quality filter. A couple of eBooks given away free for publicity had typos on their first page; several more are, frankly, complete pants. At least in the nostalgic past, an editor would prevail upon their brilliant but erratic bohemian to produce something of publishable standard, or tell the complete fools to improve or stop wasting their time.

    I think we should have a “kite mark” service that can put a stamp on eBooks when they meet a basic standard of production and writerly proficiency, but I’m not energetic enough and I can barely spell entrepeneur…

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