Welcome to the first of my two blogs. You can’t get to the second from here, because then I wouldn’t be anonymous. But for obvious reasons, this one is better value. Not knowing who I am, you’re free to judge the contents on their own merit. And I’m free to explore my core themes unconstrained by political correctness.

What I can say, without giving too much away, is I’m blogging from the east coast of Australia, a wide land with an increasingly narrow literary culture, where the wildlife’s endangered, the critics are tame, and the Left’s cut its nose off to spite its face.

Writing for me is synonymous with observing, not running with the pack. The closer we stand to what’s at hand, the more restricted our field of vision. So I’m not afraid to stand back. Which makes me one of a dying breed of writers not knocking themselves out on social media: my full-time writing practice is devoted to just that.


2 Responses to About

  1. sally Stokes says:


  2. A says:

    Hi…made it in…read & enjoyed the latest blog…ie. the way you write & perspective…will visit again to catch up on previous. Cheers.

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