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Not a book review, wind-up: beyond Barbara Hand Clow’s The Mayan Code (or WTF is ‘enlightenment’?)

The radical vision of mass enlightenment at the heart of The Mayan Code (2007) is, for Barbara Hand Clow, a mere variation on a theme. Two decades ago she published an astrology text, Liquid Light of Sex (1991), which posits … Continue reading

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Anatomy of a Creative Writing MA, Part 5

Have you ever wondered who, exactly, sorts through the slush piles of major publishers (those which still accept unsolicited mss)? While it’s easy to imagine a not-too-distant future in which all preliminary sifting of gold from dross will be computerised, … Continue reading

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Not a book review, cont’d: more thoughts on Barbara Hand Clow’s The Mayan Code and the need for order and meaning…

Two posts back I ran out of time to pursue my line of thought through to a conclusion (assuming that one will be forthcoming). Is this a sign that time is speeding up? Or is my brain slowing down? This … Continue reading

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The power of the unexpected

Most of my girlfriends are painters. Of course, they’re other things too: singer–songwriters, poets, mothers, belly dancers, teachers and students. Painting is just the most obvious common theme, no doubt at least partly because of my early training in art; … Continue reading

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