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Anatomy of a Creative Writing MA, Part 3

The third and last core subject promised to be onerous, if not in the same way as the theory component.* I didn’t expect ‘Nonfiction Writing’ to tax my mind with abstruse abstractions. But the two main assignments terrified me: a … Continue reading

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The End of History – it’s all good (whenever it is)

Today – the longest day of the year for antipodeans like me – the early morning sunlight shining through my east-facing bedroom window falls on the canvases propped near the northwest corner. Over the last six months the sun has … Continue reading

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Bloggers Anonymous – the question of ethics

Studies have shown that while 82% of Americans say they intend to write a book, as many as half of all Americans have not read a book for pleasure in the past year.* If those stats are accurate and you’re … Continue reading

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Long-listed responses from Planet Rejection

In the early days of receiving rebuffs from editors, agents and publishers, I was taken aback by their similarities. Like a visitor to a foreign planet, I couldn’t distinguish the aliens. Yet, two decades spent in transit between my small … Continue reading

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