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The illusion of realism

There was a time when painting from photos was radical, or denounced as cheating. Now it’s taken for granted, while styles like expressionism are out of fashion. It’s as if the ubiquity of the photographic image, fuelled by digital media, … Continue reading

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The Politics of Reincarnation – or why the theme’s so seldom seen in PC lit. fiction

Some years back I met a woman whose face reminded me of a model’s in a well-known painting by Gauguin. And, on hearing I practised astrology, she named a well-known astrologer who’d told her she’d been Gauguin in a former … Continue reading

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Coincidence vs. Synchronicity – in life & in fiction

What happens when we don’t have a word for a phenomenon (whether because the word’s fallen into disuse or doesn’t yet exist)? The phenomenon is still communicable (if it weren’t, unnamed diseases couldn’t make us sick), but the more words … Continue reading

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Re-enchantment with Realist Fiction – a response to Jon Bauer’s Rocks in the Belly

Is it just me, or does anyone else think it’s contradictory that we expect fiction on the page, stage or screen – through which we seek to escape the pain and tedium of existing – to simulate life as we … Continue reading

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