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Soul Trading: how dirty words like entrepreneur are undergoing a digital-age makeover

Is it possible, in the second decade of the 21st century, to establish oneself as an author without also being an entrepreneur? NB: I use the word author rather than writer, the Latin root of the former meaning originator and … Continue reading

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Sheltered From the Sky: the challenge of choice in a bubble

Around the 1992 northern winter solstice, my partner and I arrived in Cairo, having just made a pilgrimage to Mt Sinai, and with no plans to stay longer than needed to see the Cairo Museum. But on the first evening … Continue reading

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Deathless Prose or Dinosaur Droppings? – on the nature and fate of literary fiction

The exponential acceleration of the digital revolution, with all its trappings/traps (e-books, iPads, Kindles, apps etc.) has prompted a spate of public musings on whether or not the novel is dead – a phenomenon akin to what happened when music … Continue reading

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