Why I don’t read (much) Australian fiction


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2 Responses to Why I don’t read (much) Australian fiction

  1. Mark Jarezz says:

    Yet another wonderful post. So true and so sad. I fear this dumbing down is not confined to literature alone in Oz. It seems everyone wants to be a celebrity even though they rarely possess any real talent at anything that might make them worthy of the celebrity they seek. It also seems very few have the time, patience or conviction to really learn their craft. With a bit of luck people will become so fed up with consuming the mediocre and will begin to seek out the work of those few who, in obscurity, continue to master their craft and innovate be it in literature or any of the arts in general. I love the graphic too…awesome!

    • Thanks for your kind and heartfelt words, Mark. The dumbing down you refer to, which I think afflicts, say, political debate as much as the arts, both in Oz and beyond, strikes me as part of the downside of digital culture. As for few having time to learn their craft, it seems to me that we’ve never been more subject to market forces, the scale and complexity and resultant demands on our time of which confound individual resistance. And as for people tiring of a mediocre diet, I tend to think most grow conditioned, even addicted, while only a few develop allergic reactions. Am I resigned to obscurity, then, and if so, is that defeatist? Perhaps. But if fellow invisibles can see one another, mightn’t invisibility have some advantages?

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