The power of the unexpected

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3 Responses to The power of the unexpected

  1. anna feord says:

    Your blog is more and more wonderful Shane, as you lead us into your thoughts and wisdom. I loved the paintings on Sally Stokes site. I feel very inspired and am soaking in your creative generosity.

  2. Tony Scotland says:

    Beautifully and engagingly expressed. You have captured so many of the emotions i felt about Madeleine. So pleased you have given me permission to read some/all of it at Madeleine’s wake today. Great to see you both yesterday.



  3. sophia vanderwal says:

    When I was a little girl madeleine painted my portrait. She sat in the door way catching my reflection in the mirror. My brother stood behind me combing my hair so i would sit still.
    Madeleine cleaned and cooked casseroles in our house once a week to earn money for paints. I remember when madeleine was home she and my father would laugh and drink red. Mum remembers not much cleaning was done. My family all loved madeliene.
    One of the last times I saw her she came to our house in the Blue Mountains and spoke about a short story she had just read. I told her it was very like my story of being followed home after a night out and only eventually being ‘saved’ by a returning flatmate.
    So there you have it.
    I would love to read the story madeleine spoke of. Please get in touch. Sophia

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